Ick! Need to get rid of those bedbugs?

You don’t need to be a large property management company to experience the nightmare of  bed bugs.  Whether you’re a property manager, housekeeping specialist, homeowner, renter, student, patient, vacationer, researcher, movie-goer and/or a public transit rider, chances are good that you’ve either encountered these little buggers yourself, or know of someone who has.  And now you think you may have them in your home or at your place of business.  Yuck!  What now?

You have to find them first!

How do you find them?  By using the #1 tool in the business – a well trained scent detection dog!  Dogs are used to find bed bugs for the same reason they’re used to find narcotics and explosives.  Their noses are, in a word, awesome. Visual inspections are limited, but a dog can smell what we cannot see.  Watch a video of Murphy in action.  We think you’ll be impressed!

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